Ask God? 

Why is there so much suffering in the world?
How can we know the Bible is true?
What happens when we die?


All of us have big questions that hang out at the back of our minds. Normally, we assume there are no decent answers, so we just ignore the questions.
But what if God was real? What if God had the time to sit down with you for a cup of tea and a chat?
If you could ask God one question, and you knew he would answer, what would it be?
We’re asking Harold Wood to do that this summer. Come up with an honest question, then come along and listen to some honest answers. At our special services on Sunday 25th June, we’ll aim to answer the most popular questions, whatever they may be, from the Bible.
To join in, simply use the form below to send us your question. Then come along at 9:15, 11, or 6:30 on Sunday 25th June.

What’s your question?

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Gareth Peoples, 31/05/2017