Meet the Team

Rob Hudson Rob Hudson is the Vicar. He learned about Jesus as a child, and grew to love him as a student. Rob is a country boy at heart, having been raised in rural Berkshire and lived in leafy Devon, and he normally gets lost on the Tube. His favourite sports are football and table tennis (it is a sport, honest). He is husband to Hepsie and father to Mireya, Joel and Dottie.
19.04.25 Richard PowerRichard Power is the Associate Minister for Evangelism. He loves meeting people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. He grew up near Cambridge and became a Christian as a teenager through his local church. An ideal day for him would involve a stroll in the park, a game of football, a good conversation over coffee, and a board game or two. He met his wife, Arta, when teaching and studying in Greece. They have three girls, Lucy, Stephanie and Jane.
Olly ElliottOlly is the Associate Minister for Youth and Families. From the North West originally, he has been living in Fulham for the past few years, working for a church there. When he’s not playing games, humming kids songs, or thinking up new ways to teach the Bible to the youth and children at St. Peter’s, he loves getting out into the countryside (or to the coast), trying his hand at his latest gourmet feast in the kitchen, or flopping down on the sofa to watch a TV box-set.
Fi Bennett Fi Bennett is a Women's Worker. She hails from the Brecon Beacons - not that you'd know she grew up in Wales from speaking to her! She came to know Jesus through her local church and summer camps in West Wales. Having brought her east to live in Harold Wood in 2006, the Lord has continued to give her a love and passion for sharing the good news of Jesus with all women. When enjoying some time off, you will find Fi taking herself off to the cinema or the West End.
Emily Agnew Emily Agnew is our Church Centre Manager. She worked as a theatre director for several years, running an independent production company, before (to her surprise!) taking on her current role at St. Peter's. She became a Christian at university and is still amazed that Jesus would save someone like her. Emily still loves going to the theatre any time she can. She also enjoys watching films and reading, mostly historical fiction. There is always a pile of books on her floor waiting to be read and a pile of DVDs on her shelves waiting to be watched.
elaineforweb Elaine Owsley is our Church Administrator.  She lives with her husband Meyrick and two sons Nathan and Jacob.  In 2009, during a rough patch in life, a friend invited along to church. After hearing the amazing news of Grace and Salvation she became a Christian.  Being a mum of school age boys there isn't much spare time but Elaine helps out at the local Beaver Scout group. Her likes are walking, reading, jigsaws, knitting and eating!  Dislikes are cats, frogs and marmalade. Her life's ambition is to learn to play the piano.
18.01.22 Ed RushEd Rush grew up in rural Lincolnshire, studied Politics at Northampton Uni (don't worry, it gets more interesting from here) and moved to Romford in 2016 with his then new wife Zoe. He's a coffee and cycling enthusiast (some may say snob), absolutely loves music and you'll usually find him trying to make music on the nearest instrument.  But Ed's biggest passion is teaching kids the Gospel and to know and love our incredible saviour Jesus.
19.08.30 Josiah ConeyJosiah grew up in Croatia, the child of St Peter’s mission partners. He became a Christian quite young, and ever since the Church has played a major role on his life. His time in Croatia taught him a lot especially about how God works in ways that we don’t expect. He enjoys reading, playing board games and talking about ancient history.  He is looking forward to serving the church and seeing what God has in store for him. 
chris knowlesChris Knowles is our Lay Preacher. He is married to Eileen with 5 children & 6 grandchildren. They have lived in Harold Wood and belonged to St. Peter's Church family for nearly 50 years! He helps out in the work among older people and gets invited to share the Good News of Jesus in other church fellowships in Havering and beyond.

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