Martin Reakes-Williams

Martin Reakes-Williams was a curate at St. Peter’s Church from 1992 until he moved to Germany to become  chaplain  of Leipzig English Church  when it  first began in 1995 with a congregation of one. He shares leadership and oversight of all aspects of the church's life with the other elders.  They are a mixture of people from many different nations, cultures, and backgrounds, a meeting place for all sorts of English-speaking people living in Leipzig and the surrounding region.
Although—or because—they are an English-speaking congregation, many Germans attend their services. But whether student or businessman: Brits sit next to Cameroonians, Germans pray with Americans and Iraqis. With regard to age, the biggest groups are young families (in the morning service) and students (especially in the evening service).
Since many members are only there for one year or two, saying farewell is a regular practice in their services. On the other hand they are glad to welcome and to get to know new people every year. They want to use the limited time they have together as much as possible to equip each other for the service of the Lord.
Beyond Leipzig
Members and former members have been sent out by Leipzig English Church to reach out to the wider world with the good news about Jesus Christ. They continue to support several mission partners in prayer and practice.
Link Person: Anthony Nicolle.