Mission Partners

Over many years St. Peter’s has supported a number of mission agencies, families and individuals under the general heading of Mission Partners. Support is co-ordinated by the Mission Partners’ Task Group, a sub-committee of the Parochial Church Council.
We aim to support a range of individuals and projects which are in sympathy with our aim of preaching the Gospel and showing Christian love in action. Often we have to refuse to spread our support wider as we wish to focus on a few partners and to support them well. In practice we have had to spread our support widely for a very encouraging reason: many of the St. Peter’s family have offered themselves for full-time service, either long or short-term and, naturally, we want to give them our full support.
As a part of our support we seek to bring the needs of our partners to the attention of the St. Peter’s family and to encourage support of partners by individuals.
Our support is in several areas: Prayer – keeping in touch with the joys and needs of our partners; friendship – by letters, e-mails, etc. – this also provides food for prayer; finance – the P.C.C. tithes the general giving and we encourage individuals to give directly; hospitality – when partners are home.
Our current partners are: (those marked with * are ‘home-grown’ from the St. Peter’s family):
Mission Partners:
Nicolas Fuentes and family, CMS SAMS Latin Link, Church planter in Santiago, Chile
Deb* & Steve Coney and family, Greater Europe Mission, Croatia (currently in the USA) – Theology college teachers
Steve* & Ali Nicolle and family, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Canada Institute of linguistics (Canil) – linguistics/literacy consultants
Ben Williamson, Crosslinks,  Johannesburg, South Africa. Minister in Charge at Christchurch, Hillbrow.
Mission Associates:
Jeannette Law*, Children’s Worker, Banbury.  A member of St. Peter’s from childhood.
Martin Reakes-Williams, Pastor at Leipzig English Church, Germany.  (Previously a curate at St. Peter’s.)