Meet the Team

David BantingDavid Banting has been the vicar of St. Peter's since 1998. He is married to Catherine, and they have three grown-up children. David came to trust and follow the Lord Jesus as a student, and Christ's offer of life to the full means as much to him today as it did 40 years ago. Enjoying and sharing the good news of Jesus from the Bible remain the heartbeat of his ministry. He loves the St. Peter's family, and is unashamedly a huge fan of this church. He plays league hockey and squash, and enjoys gardening, bonfires and musicals, though not necessarily in that order.
Rob Hudson Rob Hudson is the Associate Minister. He learned about Jesus as a child, and grew to love him as a student. Rob is a country boy at heart, having been raised in rural Berkshire and lived in leafy Devon, and he normally gets lost on the Tube. His favourite sports are football and table tennis (it is a sport, honest). He is husband to Hepsie and father to Mireya and Joel.
JonnieAlisonJonnie is the Curate. He and his wife Alison are thrilled to be at St. Peter’s.   Jonnie grew up in North London, but thinks people are much friendlier in Harold Wood! He loves having people round (please do pop by), watching Liverpool (football club), going for walks and enjoying nice food. More than any of that, though, he loves Jesus and wants to make him known to others.
Olly ElliottOlly is the Associate Minister for Youth and Families. From the North West originally, he has been living in Fulham for the past few years, working for a church there.  When he’s not playing games, humming kids songs, or thinking up new ways to teach the Bible to the youth and children at St. Peter’s, he loves getting out into the countryside (or to the coast), trying his hand at his latest gourmet feast in the kitchen, or flopping down on the sofa to watch a TV box-set.
Fi Bennett Fi Bennett is a Ministry Assistant for Young People and Families. She hails from the Brecon Beacons - not that you'd know she grew up in Wales from speaking to her! She came to know Jesus through her local church and summer camps in West Wales. Having brought her east to live in Harold Wood in 2006, the Lord has continued to give her a love and passion for sharing the good news of Jesus with children and families.  When enjoying some time off, you will find Fi taking herself off to the cinema or the West End.
BexRebekah is a Ministry Assistant for Young People and Families. She was born in Derbyshire and spent her teenage years living in Cumbria. She got a taste of working for a church as a ministry trainee, which she absolutely loved! Before that she was at University in Aberystwyth, studying Fine Art and English. Rebecca’s degree hasn’t put her off painting or reading; she still enjoys doing both, as well as watching TV box sets and playing the odd board game. She grew up in a Christian family and learnt the good news that Jesus takes the blame for our sin and makes it possible for us to know God, but it wasn’t until she was a teenager that she fully understood the depth of Jesus’ love for her and how He changes everything.
Rebecca Greensill Rebecca is a 9:38 Ministry Trainee at St. Peter’s. She grew up by the seaside town of Southend which has given her a love of fresh air, long walks and fish n’ chips. As a youngster, she joined a local choir and started having piano lessons, and music continues to be a great hobby of hers today. As a student, she attended a course which explored the major questions surrounding Christianity. She was blown away when she found out why Jesus was crucified, and that we are saved by the grace of God. It was shortly after this that she became a Christian. Since then, she’s had a growing desire to serve Christ as part of his church.
Phil Phil is a 9:38 Ministry Trainee. Phil is 18 years old and joining us for a gap year before going on to study Politics and Economics at Sheffield University, starting in 2017. He is the youngest of three brothers, who all chose Sheffield University! Phil really enjoys sport, particularly football and squash, and is a keen musician - he can play the piano, trombone and drum kit. As the son of a vicar, Phil grew up in a Christian family and so had always been taught about God's love and how kind he is. He wants to work for a church in order to learn to be more obedient and become more inspired by Jesus' death and resurrection, in order to share his faith with his friends.
Emily Agnew Emily Agnew is our Church Centre Manager. She worked as a theatre director for several years, running an independent production company, before (to her surprise!) taking on her current role at St. Peter's. She became a Christian at university and is still amazed that Jesus would save someone like her. Emily still loves going to the theatre any time she can. She also enjoys watching films and reading, mostly historical fiction. There is always a pile of books on her floor waiting to be read and a pile of DVDs on her shelves waiting to be watched.
elaineforweb Elaine Owsley is our Church Administrator.  She lives with her husband Meyrick and two sons Nathan and Jacob.  In 2009, during a rough patch in life, a friend invited along to church. After hearing the amazing news of Grace and Salvation she became a Christian.  Being a mum of school age boys there isn't much spare time but Elaine helps out at the local Cub Scout group. Her likes are walking, reading, jigsaws, knitting and eating!  Dislikes are cats, frogs and marmalade. Her life's ambition is to learn to play the piano.